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The Florida House Of Representatives- Corruption Runs Wild And Rampant

This state is lost. Sunk and wasted in a swamp of fraud and corruption:
This idea of watching someone purchase a house and then “flipping” it for a profit is pure genius. It’s ruthless, risky, and it feels so darned American.
In that same spirit, I’m bringing this unique idea to you today.
A house was recently purchased in Florida, and the buyers stand to make hundreds of millions in profits on this very old and exclusive property.
The hook is that it is no ordinary house.
It is the House.
Yes, a few utility companies have pooled their money and bought Florida’s House of Representatives. Because the purchase was made in increments, the final price is still being figured out, but I can tell you it wasn’t cheap.
Just in the first three months of this year Duke/Progress Energy spent $300,000 in campaign money on the state Republican Party. The company also contributed $100,000 for the Republican governor, offered about $25,000 in private airplane rides, and spent $5,000 on a gratuitous Democratic Party upgrade.

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