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The Florida Fraudclosure Report Card….Millions of Dollars Spent….Hundreds of Thousands of Cases Still Pending…..

I ran into a judge the other day and of course I launched into my diatribe about the inequities and the problems within our justice system, manifested in fraudclosure.   A few biting examples of the fraud and abuses, a few mind blowing recitations of the billions of dollars floating around, along with the general commentary that our nation and this state in particular is in serious trouble because we continue to get fraudclosure so wrong.   The judge looked at me and said…..

“The complaint I hear most is people want to know why foreclosures take so long….when after all these cases are simple and they should be concluded quickly.”

And you know what your honor….I agree with you.   The judge knows more than ever that foreclosure is about three things primarily….a note, a mortgage and a payment history.   Get those things in and the case is over.   So why exactly are we still so bogged down.   I mean after all with something so simple it should be done and over just as simply as the good judge indicates.   And therein lies the problem.   The fraud, the lies, the crimes, the failed business practices, the out of control banks, the completely captive and corrupt government have thrown what was a very simple thing into utter chaos.
The chaos is in fact the canary in the coalmine…the symptom of the much more serious cancer that lies at the heart of our financial system, our judicial system, our nation as a whole.   This nation will not thrive and it may not even survive when these crimes, these frauds, these systematic abuses of citizens and the desecration of a legal system that took thousands of years to develop are allowed to flourish.   There has been no comeuppance, there has been no penance paid for the crimes committed…and accordingly, the diseases continue to fester.   And should this nation’s people continue to grant respect and give consent to a government which is so thoroughly corrupt and which is every steadily losing its legitimacy?   It is undisputed that Wall Street, The Banks and their government enablers have conspired to loot the equity, the lifeblood, the treasury of the great sleeping masses that are The People of this nation.   The equity and wealth that my grandparents worked for, the promise and the opportunity that my generation and the generations of students were promised and for which they worked.
All of it gutted, stolen, hijacked, robbed, ever concentrated in the hands of the criminal oligarchs.   Should students continue to become bonded slaves into this nation’s educational and economic systems, knowing full well that the job opportunities promised to prior generations were nothing but frauds and delusions…those jobs long ago having been sold off to foreign companies?   And should the elder generations of newly minted workers harbor the delusions of a “typical” American existence….two cars, nice home, vacation at Disney…along with some food on the table…when this reality is increasingly unrealistic?   This existence is indeed increasingly delusional when the Trillion dollars of outstanding student loan debt is factored in.
But wait, I digress…right?   This post is about the fraudclosure cases that remain stubbornly clogged in Florida’s courts.   But before we get to this year’s reporting…let’s take a trip in the way back machine to see what I wrote about Florida’s fraudclosure problem more than two years ago:

I’ve been a vocal and persistent critic of the Foreclosure Rocket Docket and frankly of most of the court’s efforts to clear foreclosure cases across the state.   The fundamental basis for my objections is my belief that the current manner in which these cases are being disposed of represents a breakdown in the basic requirements of justice, fairness and equality that we should all expect from our courts.   I find it particularly inequitable that $9.6 million dollars in taxpayer funding has been used to fund and establish these Rocket Dockets, taxpayer’s own funding being used to fund and create a court system where their basic rights and long established rules of procedure and evidence are potentially ignored in a systematic manner.   With all that we’ve learned about the conduct of f0reclosure cases, you would think our courts would finally start to understand and appreciate the gross inequities involved here”¦instead”¦
June 2010 Reporting Here

Now, what remains quite interesting about these numbers is to compare the numbers of cases that are dismissed with the cases that are disposed of in favor of the banks….back to the initial statement….foreclosure cases should be simple…shouldn’t they?   So why still all the dismissals…..the canary in the coalmine…the symptoms of the cancer….
Millions of my taxpayer dollars (more and more money) paid by my government to help fund the failed operations of the government debt collectors…..

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