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The Florida Foreclosure Manifesto- An Open Letter to Florida House Rep. Kevin Ambler

weidner-foreclosure-manifestoThe multitude of serious issues surrounding the prosecution of foreclosure cases in Florida continues to grow and the need to quickly address the issues has only increased with the implementation of the new Foreclosure Rocket Dockets.

I was quite inspired after seeing Representative Kevin Ambler in court last week, and I especially appreciate the time he took to listen intently to the issues we shared with him.   I remain hopeful that our elected leaders and judges will respond to the crisis that is playing out in our courtrooms by establishing a level playing field between the borrower and whomever the plaintiff happens to be.

I hope that all of you will reach out individually to elected leaders, judges   and members of the press and I’m hopeful that the collective voices will provoke the change so desperately needed!



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  • bmurphy says:

    My last 4 weeks mediations have been a total waste of time. The banks are refusing to do anything. The mediators are telling me they are seeing the same thing. Since the crooks have had our local judges removed and appointed a bunch of 90 year old blind judges who don’t read to rubber stamp the SJs, the banks and their attorneys feel very emboldened. This entire process is a crime and if it happened in criminal court, the ACLU would be up in arms. Where is the ACLU? Where are all the liberal organizations? This is outright theft by the banks from the American middle class. I had to be walked out of mediation today because HSBC is nothing but a criminal enterprise. They sold loans that could never be paid back, knowing they couldn’t be paid back. They trapped people into settlements so they could not sue for predatory lending. We have people running for Governor and Attorney General that want to turn the keys over to the banks. This is WAR.

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