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The Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act- An Insult to Consumers and Taxpayers of the State of Florida

The Fat Cat Bankers have chosen to title their anti-consumer bill the Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act.

I woke up this morning just furious at that name.   The name suggests that somehow consumers will benefit from something in it or that their credit will somehow be, “rehabilitated”.   Make no mistake, there is nothing, I mean not one thing about this bill that will benefit any Floridian.   The full text of the proposed bill can be found here. I challenge any person to find one thing in this bill that will do anything good for any citizen…..there’s just nothing in the bill that does anything except trying to give the fat cat bankers an end run around judges and the court system which is not doing things their way.

Bottom line is the lies, fraud and deception that the banks and lenders perpetrated on citizens and consumers is coming back to haunt them.   Judges are increasingly skeptical of the bankers claims and they’re not just giving them a blank check.   Rather than try and fix the problems they’ve created, the banks are trying to opt out of the judicial system and just strip a homeowner’s rights–important constitutional rights. The very name of the bill is an insult.   It suggests that by merely calling something exactly the opposite of what it is, legislators and citizens will be fooled into believing the lie.   I’m betting our legislature and citizens are smarter than that!

I am hopeful that the Florida Legislature will see this bill for what it is and that they will be sensitive to the rising consumer sentiment against the fat cat bankers and lending institutions.   I predict a big kill for this bill!

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