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The Florida Bar Speaks- Lawyers Must Disclose “Faulty” Paperwork.


You really must read the entire release, and especially the statements from the member of the Bar that reviewed the Opinion…..the implications here are quite huge….



  • Hillary says:

    We will see what happens but I am not overly optimistic. To date David Stern hasn’t been hit with any heavy Florida Bar charges.

  • John Anderson says:

    Lawyers are obligated to disclose faulty “fraudulent ” paperwork, but what will the judge do about it?

    They should throw it out of court, but this is Florida.

  • frustrated says:


    ANY attorney who poses such a question must need to read the Rules OR takes courses in Ethics.
    Worse, perhaps is this : “…Lawyers representing banks and other mortgage service companies must tell the courts if they know of paperwork problems in their clients’ foreclosure cases, according to the Bar’s Professional Ethics Committee.

    The committee, at its June 24 meeting during the Bar’s Annual Convention, voted 20-6 to uphold a Bar staff opinion which advised a lawyer representing a bank in thousands of foreclosure cases….”

    Apparently, 6 attorneys on this Board are unconcerned about our RULES … perhaps they plan to change Rules mandating that when an attorney KNOWS something is inaccurate or untruthful that attorney has a duty to inform the Court – better yet – the attorney ought to refrain from introducing it and squandering preceious judicial resources. Does no one care about laws these days?

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