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The Feds Enter Into A Sweetheart Settlement With The Banks (Again)…In Addition To Taxpayers Getting Screwed (Again)…Hunreds of People People Lose Their Jobs

Another side impact of the settlement scam that the feds entered into with the banks that no one it talking about, that the national press hasn’t even touched….



TAMPA “” Nearly 500 local contractors who reviewed Bank of America foreclosures are out of a job after regulators and banks announced an $8.5 billion settlement, the bank confirmed Tuesday.

The contractors were hired about a year ago as part of the Independent Foreclosure Review, in which homeowners could seek a second opinion about whether their home was foreclosed in error.

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  • I have been fighting alone what seem to be part of a bigger picture and a nation wide stories of widespread mortgage and foreclosure fraud committed by bank, lenders, trustees, and corrupt officials. Over a year ago now I discovered and helped the FBI uncovering this neglected issue (huge part of it that is operating in Ca for the most part) Yet, i am still left alone fighting and battling this evil without any protection or regards to my 8 year old safety. My questions and requests from proper officials were treated by refusal to investigate and gave all important documents I obtained to prove my initial complaints with disregards and lack of interest until I contacted and threatened to complain. Now, with my help and maybe yours maybe we can bring justice and prove that these massive real estate documents of fraud and forgery are the key to bring justice to those who need it the most as well as my self
    such as Homeowners, advocates, and all helpless individual who wants to see bank reps investigated for fraud, and better business being handled right for a better future…..future my 7 year old exist in….pls help

  • Jennifer Lopez says:

    They hired everyone who had any foreclosure experience. I was informed that my contract with BOA was for one year. Now I really have problem to find a job.

  • Jennifer Lopez says:

    I was hired in November 2012 with one year contract; however, that project ended in January and despite pay for 2 more working days no one received compansation from BOA.

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