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The Federal Trade Commission- Warning Video About Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Not nearly enough is being done to protect consumers from the con artists that are preying upon them.   The attached is an excellent video, and I encourage everyone to watch it and share it around.   Currently, less than 5,000 people have watched this video, but I know that when you good people get the word out, we can double that in a week.fight foreclosure pinellas

I don’t have much faith in our elected officials and I’m trying to keep my faith in judges, but the fact of the matter is we all need to do more to get the word out there….this is all of our problem…

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  • MFI-Miami says:

    Matt, I have no issue with the FTC getting involved with cracking down on shady foreclosure defense or mod firms but what do have a problem with is the fact that they are scaring people away from the legitimate mod and defense firms.
    The reason many of these firms charge up front is because they know the homeowner will never pay them or find some BS reason not to pay them because homeowners are so accustomed to not making a payment that when they have to start making a reduced payment, they fight it. The banks are actually behind this smear campaign. They want to control the negotiations of a mod with homeowner which why they send them to non-profits who are dependent on them for financial support. The last thing the lender wants is for the homeowner to come to a person like you or me because we cost the banks money. Besides, what are you going to do if the FTC decides to go along with one of the proposals that says attorney can not charge an upfront fee for a mod or foreclosure defense? It already happened in California.

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