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The Fannie/Freddie Foreclosure Attorney Cabal Eliminated…PROFOUND IMPLICATIONS….

Hot off the presses from the Florida Daily Business Review is a very interesting article that has some important facts buried underneath.   You’ve really got to read the article and consider the statements that are made in the article.   The comments strike to the very deepest heart of virtually foreclosure case in this state and will provide a rich source of very important questions that attorneys, policy makers and legislators and especially our entire court system must be asking.
The bottom line is this….mediation has failed and foreclosures and our courts remain in chaos and a key issue underlying all of this is the inability of anyone to get a straight answer out of the plaintiffs, lenders, servicers, owner, holder, person entitled to enforce.
I know the Dark Side got all in a hissy and objected to the characterization of their industry as a game of Chutes and Ladders, but it’s a fair and frankly easy to grasp explanation of what’s wrong with our entire, banking, finance, government and legal system.   But Chutes and Ladders was actually stolen from another game called, Snakes and Ladders a far more appropriate description of the state of affairs.
Old Lists of Approved Foreclosure Attorneys Eliminated  

Old lists of approved foreclosure attorneys eliminated

Foreclosure law firms say it will take time to see the effects of a policy change by the Federal Housing Finance Agency that phased out lists of pre-approved law firms allowed to handle foreclosure cases for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

‘Race To The Bottom’

Foreclosure defense attorneys greeted the news favorably. They have complained bitterly about the quality of Fannie and Freddie attorneys and placed some of the blame for documentation problems on the agencies.

“It’s high time somebody does something,” said Matt Weidner of the St. Petersburg-based Foreclosure Law Offices of Matt Weidner. “The centralization of this poor legal work was a big part of the problem. The race to the bottom on ethics and legal accuracy and the profit model is a big part of the overall problem.”

Already, he said he has seen Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pulling back from cases and more involvement by lenders and services.

“By decentralizing and putting the cases in the hands of lawyers that have decision-making power and communication with their clients, the banks, we are seeing actual decision-making. You can actually get someone on the phone.”

Banks with Fannie and Freddie files can now farm them out to smaller law firms “with better models,” Weidner said. Foreclosure law firms say it will take time to see the effects of a policy change by the Federal Housing Finance Agency that phased out lists of pre-approved law firms allowed to handle foreclosure cases for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.



  • Lit Gant says:

    The courts should immediately dismiss all foreclosure cases that have sat idle for a year with no action by the plaintiff. There should be legislation passed where if a plaintiff in a case can not move forward within a year, to dismiss these with prejudice. This will clear up the backlog. It will bring quicker foreclosures. And where there are legal problems that take over a year to resolve, these will be dismissed. This may force some lenders to negotiate with borrowers. Why not reduce the morgages to the currect value, write off the debt just like they do in a foreclosure anyway, then refinance these borrowers with no penalties except repayement of all escrow expenses over the time of the foreclosures. There are easy ways to resolve this situation. But fraud is not acceptable no matter if it is the plaintiff, the plaintiff’s lawyers, or shyster judges who could care less if the rule of law is followed. Thanks Mr. Weidner for being a champion on our side.

  • speakout says:

    I had a house foreclosed on by JP Morgan Chase, who claimed they “owned” the note and mortgage by their takeover of WAMU back in Sept. 2008. Note was never transferred to them legally. They started foreclosure (Jan. 2009) before they actually owned the bank. Freddie Mac claimed they owned the mortgage (per their website), and I kept telling the judge this. Freddie Mac was never named as a plaintiff. WAMU actually sold the note/mortgage to Freddie at origination (2006), prior to JP’s takeover and relinquished ownership of the note. After the fraudulent foreclosure was finalized, JP Morgan Chase “sold” the house to Freddie Mac?! I got a 1099A from Freddie Mac and Chase Home Loan LLC for the amount of the judgement ($25K over the loan amount of $75K, before the transfer took place. Total corruption. So Freddie Mac is buying the foreclosed properties after the banks foreclose. But wait, don’t we own Freddie Mac due to the bailouts? This is the biggest ponzi scheme in history. Does the government now own our houses? Who owns the government? Oh yea , the people, but what people? You, me or the 1%? The banksters control the government pawns(congress), due to the fact the Federal Reserve (private banking cartel) controls the monetary system, since 1913. All statutes/codes (color of law) are made for the bankers. We need to end the usuary system of these private banksters and bring back true law to our society. And stop criminalizing everything we do. Before you know it you will be fined for chewing gum! All the alphabet agencies, FDA,CIA,EPA, etc. are set up to collect “fines” for the government which passes on to the bankers, via the IRS.
    People really don’t have any idea how tangled the web truly is. Everything is based on collecting interest for the Fed Res. bankers as their profit ($500+ billion/year). They stole the gold back in 1933, after engineering the 1929 crash, to implement the fiat system to be able to manipulate the economy. Which they have done and we see the result today. Have a jubilee, forgive all debt. End the usury, bring back sound money, and the economy will thrive. Put the banksters in jail and confiscate all the trillions they have stolen in the last 100 years and give it back to the people! That is the ONLY solution!

  • E. Tolle says:

    Matt, still bamboozled by these lenders pretending to have a stake in foreclosures? You’ll have to face the facts sooner or later….the war you wage is continuing to keep the light from being shone on the truth here….the banks don’t have any claims, period.

    They keep stealing homes here and there because they can, and they’ll continue until they’re thrown in jail in numbers large enough to curtail the theft.

  • speakout says:

    The people in Los Angeles, CA, just filed a lawsuit against the judges, etc. to stop any judge from presiding over any case where he will benefit. Via his pension, etc. Judges should not be allowed to rule on any case that they have a financial interest in the outcome. They are supposed to be impartial. The court system should not be funded by case rulings. It should be funded by recording fees and sales taxes. Oh yea, the banksters never paid the fees to the counties when they supposedly transferred the mortgages to the “owners”, thereby depriving the counties of millions of dollars in revenue. The counties around the country are starting to sue the banksters/MERS for the theft of this money. It’s about time! Registrar of Deeds in Massachusetts is pushing for a moratorium on foreclosures, due to faulty titles. All foreclosures are illegally being pushed through without proof of chain of title. Nightmare of titles to come.

  • Cary Jockers says:

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