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The Fall Of Amerika and The Fall of Rome

There are interesting parallels between the fall of the Roman Empire and the current collapse of America.   Our economy has been gutted.   Our treasure has been looted.   Those at the top of the pyramid are gutting the heart and soul of this once great nation with billion dollar bailouts and trillions of dollars, our dollars, sloshing around between the world centers of power.

What have everyday Americans got to show for all those trillions of dollars?   Are you better off today than you were ten years ago?   Is there any chance that your children will have a better future when your government has already transferred any wealth they could have hoped to produce in their lifetime to global financial institutions and foreign governments?

There are only three ways to perceive our country’s position today:

1. We are solving our problems and heading in the right direction.

2. We are slogging along not really moving ahead but not really getting any better or much worse.

3. We are staring into the abyss.   We are on the brink of collapse either in the short term or some time in the foreseeable future.

Don’t listen to the news.   Don’t read the papers.   Listen to your gut.   Use your own basic economic analysis.   What do you feel and see and perceive?   Are we stable?   Are our leaders in control of the problems we face?   Have our elected and appointed officials articulated solutions to the problems we face that you believe will work in the short or long run?   Do you believe that the everyman, the taxpayer, the voter, the worker is getting an honest shake and has a real voice in the centers of power?   Are those who are in control of this country’s resources and treasure making decisions that benefit this country as a whole?

Please watch this Video.


  • bluanjel says:

    Unfortunately, it is the latter. It has been a death by a thousand cuts and a million pricks. Until we regain our base as Americans and make a stand against many decades of purposeful erosion, this situation will deteriorate. It very well may be past the point of no return, as I personally believe, but we must still fight to turn this around. The moral degradation found in our court rooms and in our financial institutions as evidenced by this mortgage scandal, is breath taking and devastating in its scope. The video you recommended is spot on, we need to put on the full armor of God to do battle and realize that no matter how this may ultimately turn out, we will prevail in the end. Keep the Christmas spirit towards those of Good Will and let’s rebuke those powers that falsely believe they can roll over what is right and true.

    Thank you for what you do Matt and keep the faith! Brad

  • smtblnde says:

    What? Our elected officials do not have our best interests at heart? Impossible!

    They care about us because they care about being re-elected right?

    They would never ignore their constituency because it would mean the end of their political career.

    I mean, who would work so hard to become a Senator, then commit political suicide by voting for TARP when the calls into his office were overwhelmingly against it?

    What kind of fool would do that? What could he possibly gain in return:

    Gives new meaning to the phrase “laughing all the way to the bank!”

    There are more important ramifications. You can do a six-degree of separation game from Mel Martinez’s legal and political career.

    Then, you can begin to connect the dots of how deep the banks have their teeth in the state of Florida’s politics of of powerful law firms and judicial appointments (along with every other aspect of politics).

    No surprise that we now see judicial activism while ignoring or making up law to save the banks.

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