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The Epic LIBOR Banking Fraud Exposes That All The Banks (and government) Are Lying Gambling Houses…

The story ain’t about Barclays and LIBOR anymore…it’s about the apparent fact that all the banks are in on the game…and that world governments knew about it….FOR DECADES AND NO ONE HAS GONE TO JAIL YET.
What emerges from the BANKING SCANDALS DU JOUR, the near daily revelations that are merely confirmations that “banking” these days is really just gambling with other people’s money…and lying about how you’re doing it, is a disturbing and detailed commentary (again) on the interplay between government and the private banks and businesses that own governments all across the world.
The story anymore is not just little ‘ole Barclays, the real question is just how many more banks and governments are going to be sucked down into this vortex.   Clearly the answer is

all the banks are involved and all the governments are involved

Well, it’s just high time that we all sit up and understand….all of our money is owned by the criminal banking/gambling cartels….

Here’s what Abigail Fields called it:


The ” LIBOR scandal“, which really should be called the ” Lying Bankers scandal”, is more than simply the newest example of bankers systematically stealing from everyone else. In its scale, simplicity, and government complicity the Lying Bankers scandal is perhaps the purest distillation of all that’s gone wrong with our financial system and the government that’s supposed to police it.
The Lying Bankers scandal also offers the clearest opportunity to send bankers to jail. Opportunities, of course, are not outcomes. No one should be sanguine that even this exquisitely clear showcase of banker illegality will necessarily produce meaningful law enforcement. Signs out of Britain are sort of hopeful.
The Lying Bankers scandal in a nutshell: All the biggest banks (allegedly)  conspired to manipulate the interest rate underlying trillions of dollars of complex investments and public perceptions of bank health, to increase personal and corporate profits. And governments looked the other way.



    Hey Matt,
    Try this one.
    In lawsuit ABEEL VS. BANK OF AMERICA, on page 365, para#2715, there is a claim on how the banks put money into the Cayman Islands and other places to hide it, tax free.
    Then today, the Democraps, want Mitt Romney to disclose his Cayman Island accounts. You don’t think that Mitt has lots of money invested into inflated and fraudulent MBS’s do you?
    I mean along with his statement that, “foreclosures should be allowed to work their way through the system.” And by system, I mean the anus that is the legal system, filled with assholes,
    [lawyers and judges] who are all members of the OPM, Office of personal Management, who’s only goal, is to act as recievers for the USA bankruptcy that occurred in 1933.
    Take any and every nickel from citizens to pay off the interest to the corrupt JEW owned and JEW run Federal Reserve Bank.

  • Triumphant says:

    Consider these “what if’s?”:
    What if LIBOR was the referenced interest rate for one or more complex municipal or national finance (re-finance) deals?
    What if LIBOR was manipulated “to increase personal and corporate profits” for “financial service companies” relating to said “deals?”
    What if that manipulation led to severe municipal losses and perhaps even bankruptcy for one or more municipality?

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