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I listen to all the Wall Street Squawk boxes in addition to the mainstream news and all the other sources.   They are all twisting themselves into summersaults trying to interpret what all the numbers mean.

I think all the mainstream numbers are a lie and that the problems facing our economy are far worse than 75% of people can appreciate.   Part of this analysis comes from reading and listening to academic journals and non-partisan sources, but the most important analysis comes from what I see around me.

Our economy is not just in a temporary tailspin, our economy has crumbled at its core because we have failed to replace the industry and jobs that have been shipped offshore.

The stock market may be up (although I think much of that is a fraud and a lie), but much of the alleged health is based on sales and profits from multinational corporations made abroad.   In short, while the “profits” may be booked here and counted on Wall Street, these “profits” and the “health” of Wall Street are not reality…they are a fraud and a fiction.

If we do not make anything in America, we cannot make mortgage payments in America.

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  • Cheryl says:

    Not only have jobs been shipped off shore but a large number of highly educated immigrants have been allowed to enter into the U.S. who now exceed the poor immigrant population. This means they are replacing college grads educated in the U.S. because they are willing to work for far less. They don’t have to pay huge student loans for one.

  • Shari says:

    “If we do not make anything in America, we cannot make mortgage payments in America.” I couldn’t agree more! Our problems go much deeper than anything that can be cured by bailing out those that are too big to fail. And unemployment numbers are not reflecting those full time employees like myself who have had their hours cut in order for small businesses to stay open. The average American is hanging on by their fingernails! When was the last time you saw a label that said, “Made in America”?

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