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The Democratic Convention- Failure on Foreclosure and Housing Policy!…

I know I was on an anti-Republican tear for a while.   And while I see nothing that suggests I should change that tone, it should also be noted that I have no love for the other party either.   Having said that, I find it most striking that, while the terror-obsessed Republicans turned Tampa into a warzone,

Tampa As A Warzone

the Democrats in Charlotte featured a jolly dancing traffic cop.

(Behind Blondie)

But anywhoo, I digress….the real intent of this post is to focus on the total failure of the current administration’s approach to housing policy….From Firedog Lake:
The saddest part of that exchange is that it was practically the only part in Harris’ speech that drew applause from the crowd. That the foreclosure fraud settlement would lead to applause by anyone represents complete public ignorance on housing issues. And I have to label this a total failure of the media to understand exactly what happened in that fight.
At the risk of repeating myself for the umpteenth time, nobody ” took on the banks” in the foreclosure fraud settlement. It was designed to deliver immunity for the crimes that created the Great Recession, the largest consumer fraud in history. You should not describe a penalty for documented crimes as ” winning $25 billion for struggling homeowners.” And homeowners will never see the bulk of that money. Dozens of states have stolen the hard dollars out of that settlement to plug their budget holes, and that includes Harris’ home state of California. The money designated for homeowners in ” credits” has not materialized into principal reduction thus far, but has almost entirely gone to short sales, which banks were engaged in for at least a year prior to the settlement. A short sale is just a kinder, gentler foreclosure which ends with the homeowner out of the home. At the root, it’s a waiver of a deficiency judgment on a home sale (where the sale price is less than the price of the mortgage, a ” deficiency judgment” allows banks to go after the individual homeowner for the balance), and in a dozen states ““ including Harris’ home state of California ““ banks can’t sue for a deficiency judgment anyway.


  • Our government knows most of the people do not care to get informed and are sheeple. The government officials can manipulate, and throw them treats and they are totally unaware of the truth and the injustice being done. Grateful for a treat when the full meal has been stolen from them. Most of the people I talk to want to put their heads in the sand and let what ever take its course, To stressful or to much trouble to learn the truth and stand up for The Amnerican rights. Depending on the crooks to protect them.

  • Kenneth says:

    Neither Party Addressed Foreclosure fraud.

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