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The Corrupt and Crazy Casino That is Our Nation's Financial And Political (and legal) System….

I thought about robo signing for the first time in a long while a few days ago.   You remember robo signing”¦don’t you?   A few homeowners and foreclosure defense attorneys called it other names like fraud and forgery, but most of the world”¦and a whole lot of what’s left of our nation’s justice system treated it like the crazy old uncle that everyone knows all about”¦.then everyone sets to work ignoring him and pretending like he doesn’t exist”¦.carving up the Christmas Turkey while uncle Ned sits there in his soiled underclothes.   Holding a bloody pitchfork, cackling wildly and staring at the youngsters.   Umm”¦turkey sure is swell!
I remember what it felt like to discover all the lying and the fraud and the crimes that were occurring in monstrous scale in courtrooms all across this nation”¦and thinking that we’d all stumbled upon some great secret”¦a secret that, once revealed, would bring the heathens to their knees.   Surely, when the full breadth and magnitude of their infamy was revealed, the revelations would usher in some kind of”¦.something.   Lawfulness? Integrity? Justice?
I surely hate to admit this because it reveals just how naïve and foolish I was, but I honestly thought that some consequence would come of it all.   But here we are, years removed, and not a single person, not one single person has suffered any consequence.   Oh sure, many whistleblowers and activists and attorneys have been trashed and persecuted”¦and a mysterious death just to add to the mix, but I mean to tell you that not one single person on the business end of the crime spree has suffered any consequence.
But really, the whole robo signing thing really was just the tip of the iceberg”¦now wasn’t/isn’t it?   Of course it is”¦.but they ignored us then, and they continue to ignore us ever still.   So many tried to make the point that what we see and what we warned was just the beginning”¦that it evidenced a much larger and far more destructive evil working all around us”¦constantly, persistently tearing and eating away”¦like termites or ants”¦.on steroids”¦.and energized by crack.   But still the talking heads and the propagandists and the attorney apologists sprinkle their magic angel dust and everyone looks the other way.   Even as more and more scandals break every other week. JPMorgan’s Whale, MFGlobal, LIBOR”¦.and then, just yesterday”¦ Peregrine Financial CEO’s suicide note”¦

I stole millions from people”¦.”¦I used scanners and color copiers and crayons to fake bank statements”¦and my favorite part”¦


HA! Take that Corzine”¦.Madoff”¦who?   You’re all short timers, playing at the small table”¦playing the penny slots”¦meanwhile over at the High Roller’s table”¦.that’s where the real action is”¦.Pension”¦HA! What pension? 401(K)”¦huh?   The Florida Retirement System”¦really”¦you fell for that parlor trick? (22% return”¦really?)
We’re all so accustomed now to seeing forgery and fraud and financial crimes and the banks bullying their way in courtrooms that we’ve all become a bit numb to it all.   I’ve stopped trying to convert or convince judges of the magnitude of all this”¦stopped asking them to consider how each foreclosure case is another crack in the pulverized foundation of our nation.   Stopped anyone to think about the long term consequences to this nation as a whole of an entire system of brutal attacks based on lies and crimes and fraud”¦.and yes, throwing families out into the streets”¦especially given how this has played out since 2008″¦is what I would consider brutal attacks on families.
What sense does it make to continue tossing families out into the street like human garbage when there are already so many vacant homes littered across this nation’s landscape?   And back to the war profiteers”¦in this war against the American People”¦this war against sanity “¦this war against rational sense, the banks and their affiliated profit centers.   All this inspecting and breaking in and winterizing and property preserving”¦.pulverizing people and raging within the machine.
Entire industries, sad, pathetic and brutal industries built up around this evil that is the complexity of this world’s finances”¦.the snake turned and eating itself”¦entirely impossible to discern where the federal government ends and where her masters the banks begin.   But which end really is the master?   Do Fannie and Freddie call the tune or do they merely dance for Dimon and Blankfeld?   Wait no, better”¦.are Fannie and Freddie the coal that fuels the inferno whilst Dimon  and Blankfeld (insert demonic images, pitchfork, serpent’s tongue) shovel the infinite supply of coal into the furnace?   It really doesn’t matter”¦it’s all on an infinite loop now”¦we all work to feed the furnace of this madness.   Fannie and Freddie and HUD taking billions then burning billions then paying still hundreds of millions more to break into and inspect the homes inhabited by the very people they are taking the billons from.    Huh?   Really.   Yes”¦.really.
And still it goes on.
It goes on today at the intersection that of our nation’s legal, financial and political systems….three freeways all terminating at exactly the same point….it all comes crashing down on the doorstep of every American’s home.   The plastic cards in our wallet, the paper statements sent in the mail…the familiar green currency..the propaganda emblazoned and screaming at us….


Huh?   Who slipped that one in there?   Who in the hell granted the license on that copyright?   That’s some damn fine wordsmithing…and that eye….that damn eye….always staring at me, never blinking….watching…judging….condemning?

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Huh? What’s that you say? Hablo Espanolo? God said What?



  • Anne Hart says:

    Novus Ordo Seclorum
    The Cabal is not going down without a fight.

  • jb914 says:

    I keep hearing that the banks don’t have the paperwork on who own’s what mortgage. I think a more accurate statement is the banks don’t know exactly how many times each mortgage was sold. So, IMHO we have a situation where notes were bundled multiple times and now it’s a free for all of the banks trying to scoop up the foreclosures as quickly as possible before the other bundled securities have a chance to do the same.
    What are homeowners like me who are current on mortgages to do to “fix” these clouded title and other legal issues that hurt the value of our homes and hamper future refinancing and sales of our home? I can see 20 years from now when i pay off my mortgage some slimy bankster will file a claim on my home for unpaid note that was sold multiple times! Slimy Banksters.

  • Learning2 says:

    I thought you may be interested in this article. It fits in with my thoughts for a few years now.
    This quote from the article sums up my over all view during the past few years.
    “We are entering a time of great challenge and uncertainty, when the systems, ideas and stories that framed our lives in one world are torn apart, but before new stories and dependencies have had time to evolve. Our challenge is to let go, and go forth.
    Our immediate concern is crisis and shock planning. It should now be clear that this is far more extensive than merely focusing on the financial system. It includes how we might move forward if a reversion to current conditions proves impossible. That is we also need transition planning and preparation. Even while subject to lock-in and the reflexivity trap, this will be most effective if it works from bottom-up as well as top-down.
    Finally, neither wealth nor geography is a protection. Our evolved co-dependencies mean that we are all in this together.”

    But I like the overview given by Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge.Com (edited for easier reading):
    “And now some bedtime reading for everyone who consistently has a nagging feeling that at any second the world is one short flap of a butterfly’s wings away from complete systemic disintegration: according to David Korowicz of FEASTA, and his most recent paper: ‘Trade-Off: Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: a study in global systemic collapse.” that just may be the case.
    Think of the attached 78-page paper as Nassim Taleb meets Edward Lorenz meets Malcom Gladwell meets Arthur Tansley meets Herman Muller meets Werner Heisenberg meets Hyman Minsky meets William Butler Yeats, and the resultant group spends all night drinking absinthe and smoking opium, while engaging in illegal debauchery in the 5th sub-basement of the Moulin Rouge circa 1890.
    To wit: “Something sets off an interrelated Eurozone crisis and banking crisis, a Spanish default say, which spreads panic and fear across other vulnerable Eurozone countries. This sets off a Minsky moment when over-leveraged speculators in the banking and shadow banking system are forced to unwind positions into a one-sided (sellers only) market.
    The financial system contagion passes a tipping point where governments and central banks start to lose control and panic drives a (positive feedback) deepening and widening of the impact globally.
    In our tropic model of the globalised economy, the banking and monetary system keystone hub comes out of its equilibrium range, crosses a tipping point, and is driven away by positive feedbacks to some new state….
    It is very clear that we have learned almost nothing general about risk management as a societal practice arising from the financial crisis. We have merely adopted a new consensus, with a questionable acknowledgement that we will not let this type of crisis happen again.
    However, the argument in this following report is that we are facing growing real-time, severe, civilization transforming risks without any risk management.””

    Hope you find it interesting and inspiring as well.

  • Learning2 says:

    also, do you know of a attorney (maybe you?) and perhaps an accountant that would be interested in donating an hour or two on a regular basis to be Directors for a new non-profit I’m starting? i’ve been working on this non-profit idea to tie in some activities, projects and services that would help people to prepare and relearn some of the old ways to become more self sufficient and gentler on the environment.
    or, if not, can you tell me how i would go about finding someone for these roles that have interests in helping others? i have possibly 3 other directors, 2 in palm beach county and another in L.A. I think i can provide plenty of data, paperwork, etc online at the site i’m making for the non-profit so we could have conference calls supported with online docs and notes.
    any suggestions and/or direction would be greatly appreciated.

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    Like robo-signing, the term “casino” is too light a term for the crimes being committed. This is a racketeering enterprise involving the servicers and the government. “Casino” suggests something far less malevolent, since gambling became an approved means of government funding. Casinos do not rob their customers by fraud. The participation in a casino is voluntary. We are confronting a racketeering enterprise. We have to stop repeating the euphemisms to diminish the reality.

  • DolleyMadison says:

    But Matt even DEFENSE attorneys are playing into the “once a crime becomes commonplace it is no longer illegal” meme. Ocwen is attempting to take my home by saying a lender who has been bankrupt for 5 years gave them Power of Attorney privileges LAST MONTH – and it is signed by known “robo-signer” Leticia Arias. When I found no less than ELEVEN versions of her signature – on COURT documents from around the country, my attorney said it was “hearsay.” Um, really? Then why isn’t a forged, undated, unnotarized copy of an allonge not hearsay??? Your fellow “defense” attorneys need to quit worrying about hurting the FC MIll attorneys feelings and call that stuff sticking to the bottom of their shoe what it really is!

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