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The California Bar Association: First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

Could you imagine living in a country where you could not hire a lawyer?   Could you imagine being attacked by the banks and large corporations with their teams of lawyers and not being able to hire any lawyer to defend you and your family?

Well that’s not some kind of Kafka-esque novel, that’s reality in the State of California, compliments of the California Bar Association, undoubtedly with the assistance of the very corporations who are fighting against the citizens of that state.   How unbelievable it is that a state Bar Association not only would not stand up to fight for the right of lawyers to assist consumers, but that they would actually join ranks with the oppressors to snuff out those who are wiling to fight for the Rule of Law and consumers.

Just read Richard Zombeck’s column to find out how bad things are.


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  • neidermeyer says:

    This came out a while back ,, stunning how the “BAR” in all states have wormed their way into controlling the legal system ,, they are not a government organization , they control everything from licensing to who gets OK’d for election to judgeships … This is a ridiculous situation.. imagine if NADA , National Auto Dealers Association had complete control over laws covering auto’s and auto dealers? or if the Sierra Club had marionette like control of the EPA …

    The BAR should be abolished or at least IGNORED by the state and Federal courts.. they should institute their own licensing systems and the bar should be nothing more than a club for lawyers that wish too join ,, just as the AMA is…

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