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The BP Oil Spill was not an Accident.  It was a crime, committed by a corporation.  But to those devastated, it remains far more than a crime.

Every American…and frankly every person on this planet needs to remember what happened in April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. 

BP or British Petroleum caused the largest man made disaster that ever hit Florida’s Beaches. 

British Petroleum killed 11 people.

British Petroleum spewed 210 million gallons of oil into the Gulf.

British Petroleum conducted an experiment by spraying millions of gallons of toxic chemical Corexit onto their disaster.

Two years after the spill, a study found that Corexit had increased the toxicity of the oil by up to 52 times.

In November 2012 BP plead guilty to 11 counts of manslaughter, two misdemeanors, and a felony count of lying to Congress.

All of this happened because BP chose to ignore blatant, persistent and ominous signs of the disaster that they would cause.  And after their disaster, things got worse because BP failed to install safety devices that would limit the damage. BP failed to have containment and clean up devices in place to limit the scope of the damage.

Because of BP’s conduct and crimes every single Floridian suffered.  Knowing they were on the hook for billions of dollars in the damages they caused, BP agreed to pay out claims to help offset the losses faced by citizens of coastal states.    But as consumers started to file claims, they learned immediately that the original claims process would not fairly accommodate or compensate them for the losses suffered.  The claims process bogged down consumers in delay, frustration and misery.  The damage BP caused was only magnified for those families, businesses and communities that suffered.  Suffered because BP caused a toxic disaster.  BP caused the disaster because they chose not to spend money on safety equipment. BP caused the disaster because they failed to heed warning signs that the disaster was coming.  BP made the disaster worse because they failed to have clean up and safety equipment in place.

Because of BP’s crimes Billions in dollars in wealth and equity and business profits were lost.

Lost because BP chose to ignore the clear signs of danger and disaster they created.  Lost because they would not pay a few dollars for safety and clean up equipment.

BP ruined lives then failed to pay out claims that might help to put people’s live back in order.

The first claims process did not work and millions of consumers and the victims of BP’s crime spree did not get any the compensation they were entitled to.

Fast forward to 2012.  Realizing that they were facing what would be a successfully barrage of attacks from the victims of their crime spree, BP AGREED TO A MULTI BILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT THAT WOULD PAY DAMAGES TO THOSE WHO WERE HURT BY THEIR DISASTER. This point must be clearly understood, so I’ll state it again,


BP agreed to the settlement claims process that is now resulting in real payouts to the victims of their disaster.  BP agreed to the auditors, the accountants and the process that would govern the entirety of the claims process. Keep that in mind as you read that BP is now complaining that they are being held accountable for their disaster. BP agreed to the auditors, the accountants and the process that would govern the entirety of the claims process.  But now BP is having buyer’s remorse

For two years, BP, along with a team of plaintiffs’ attorneys, negotiated a settlement that would finally provide the people and businesses of our region with a full measure of compensation.

BP calculated the damages, consulted with experts and sought court approval for the agreement. It agreed that if a person or business qualifies under a fair, transparent formula, the loss was caused by the spill.

Since June 2012, the court-supervised settlement program has been working, providing more than 21,000 Mississippi people and businesses compensation.

In a shock to many, including myself, BP now disavows the claims process it negotiated. As part of its thin-on-truth public relations strategy, BP has embarked on another round of misleading ads. It also has sent intimidating letters to Mississippians who have rightly been awarded claims payments through the settlement process, claiming BP may seek to “recover funds.”

The reason is simple — the settlement is costing BP more money than it thought it would, and it’s having buyer’s remorse. BP is more concerned about keeping its bottom line than it is about keeping its word.



The bottom line is very simple….and it was agreed to by BP,


Who can file claims?

Any person or business that lives in coastal Florida can and should file a BP claim.  Even if you were previously denied or received a paltry claim….you can and you should file a new claim.  You will never be compensated anywhere close to what you’ve lost, but BP is paying claims that will help offset the loss.

Any business can file a claim.  Not just tourism or beach-related businesses.  Any business in coastal west Florida can file a claim because most businesses suffered losses related to BP’s crime and disaster.

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