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The Biggest Bailouts Yet

For Americans who are sick and tired of bailouts for Fat Cat Wall Street bankers, while normal everyday Americans struggle to keep a roof over their heads, a new federal policy that has the US government funneling your tax dollars straight to central banks in Europe should send you over the edge.

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal details the disturbing new program where the Fed sends the dollars abroad….one of the key concerns about the program is neither Congress, nor anyone other than Fat Cat Bankers, have any idea where the money goes or what the terms of such transfers are.

More scary stuff here people.

Add to this other news in the Wall Street Journal that Fannie Mae, the federal Government’s mortgage lending arm, will need an additional $8.4 billion, which brings the total loss thus far to $145 billion….more than double the agency’s profits over the last 35 years…..

real scary.

One Comment

  • The only logical explanation for the current state of our economy lies in the fact that “We The People” spent more than $10 Trillion to fix a $1 Trillion problem.

    If I go to The Hard Rock Casino with 100,000 in chips… is it possible for me to lose $10,000,000?

    The answer, emphatically… NO

    Were the players in the securitization chain selling the same note to multiple parties & collecting on multiple sets of CDS payments?

    How else do you spend more than 10x the amount of debt to fix the problem?

    Please send your argument or rebuttal to

    attn: Mr. John Q. Public.

    Thank you!

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