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The Banks Win, We All Give Up, You Can Have The Keys To The Courthouse.

keys weidnerWe’re all acutely aware that there is a foreclosure crisis across this country and in the State of Florida in particular.   It has been widely reported that there are 33,000 active foreclosure cases pending in Pinellas County, Florida.   I actually think the number of foreclosures that could be filed would be closer to double or triple that number if the banks and lenders filed foreclosures on all the homes in Pinellas County that were sixty or ninety days behind in payment…but suffice it to say the 33,000 number far understates the magnitude of the economic troubles in Pinellas County alone…and the troubles are even greater elsewhere.

So what if every lawyer and homeowner and advocate that was fighting cases in Pinellas County just gave up.   Threw in the towel and said to the banks….YOU CAN HAVE THIS STINKING HOME.   I can’t afford the insurance, taxes, repairs.   I’ve lost my job so I couldn’t even really pay half the mortgage that currently exists on the property.   If the AC goes or the roof blows off, I don’t have the money to pay it, so I tell you what…I can rent a comparable house or apartment for much less that the best and most unheard of modification would ever provide.

Forget about who really owns the mortgage or who has a right to foreclose or who is owed the debt or what non-registered trust or foreign corporation claims the right to own the home….anyone come and get it…What would become of the 33,000 homes that have now reverted back to the shadowy entities that are now trying to take the homes?   Who would purchase them?   Who could qualify for the mortgage?   Who would move in and take care of the grass and fix the problems?

The answer to the question is, there are not 33,000 people in Pinellas County that could step in and purchase these properties….there’s probably not even half that.   It will be very interesting to see what becomes of all the properties that are reverting back to banks in the new   Rocket Docket procedures that have now been implemented.   If there are 300 summary judgment hearings held a week in Pinellas County….well even if every one of them isn’t granted that’s still hundreds of homes reverting back to the lenders when the foreclosure sales start happening 30-90 days from now.

Forget about the abuse of court process, the fraud, the mistakes the faulty titles that this mess of a foreclosure crisis has dumped in our courtrooms….just think about the very real and practical impact of all this faulty inventory flooding the real estate marketplace….


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  • ForeclosureHamlet says:


    We’ve got it all wrong! “They” already have the keys to our courthouses!

    Remember the wise words of Chief Judge Peter Blanc from Florida’s 15th Judicial Circuit, “ is important to clear the foreclosure cases so that vacant and dilapidated homes can go back on the market, presumably increasing neighborhood property values.”

    As one not educated in the workings of the American system of justice, I’d mistakenly assumed that it’s function was to administer justice. Instead, it’s to propagate propoganda that “vacant, dilapidated” are the ones on the chopping block and to empty said homes of the struggling families dwelling within their walls in order to get the homes out into our “free market” system which, according to Judge Blanc, is clamoring to consume properties.

    The uniquely perverted system of American capitalism has made a sycophant out all three branches of our government.

    What other choice do we have but to fight the demise of our country?

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.
    ~Albert Einstein

    Defend your homes America.

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