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The Banks Profit From QE3, But Normal Americans Cannot Even Get A Mortgage Approved…..

Bernake goes before Congress and all the nation’s financial wizards and gets them to agree to $40 billion a month in new dollars for the banks….but the banks will not even approve new mortgages for Americans…

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  • Dave Beeler says:

    So I received the packet in the mail ( and Fed Ex )that I ” qualify ” to apply for a home loan modification. Just a trick and scheme for the banks to obtain financial information that ” you ‘ provide voluntarily, in hopes of a loan mod ( that’s not gonna happen ) Along the way, I decide to continue to inquire who is my ” creditor ” can I get a certified copy of the ” NOTE “, etc… No, No, and No !
    I did manage to get somebody at BONY to write an email that they are not my creditor and do not own my property, so I had to ask , why are you foreclosing on me then ? The communication ends there and so did BAC stop communicating, the gag order must be in place !

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