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The Banking Crisis Represents The Destruction of “Our” Legal System

mortgage-crisisFrom New Deal 2.0, an essay by Bruce Johnson:

Banks are demonstrating that if you have enough money and influence, you’re not expected to follow the same laws as everyone else.

For several years, I have been writing that extreme economic inequality is among the most destructive forces in a society. As inequality grows, it undermines the effective functioning of the economy, the basic tenets of capitalism, and the foundations of democracy.

Unfortunately, the housing crisis and now the housing settlement increasingly look like an example of how these mechanisms work.

One of the central characteristics of highly unequal societies is that two sets of laws develop: One set for the rich and powerful and one set for everyone else. The more unequal societies become, the more easily they accept the unacceptable, and with each unrebuked violation, the powerful actors at the top of the society gain an ever greater sense of entitlement and an ever greater sense that the laws that govern everyone else don’t apply to them. As a result, their behavior becomes increasingly egregious.

I would suggest that the robo-mortgage scandal is a strong indicator that this type of unequal justice is now becoming ever more commonplace in America. Past bank abuses are typically discussed without a sense of outrage. They have, in effect, become a recognized practice of deception with no consequences. Here are three prominent examples from the past few years:

First, the robo-mortgage scandal was discovered. As powerful members of society, the banks effectively decided what laws they wanted to follow and disregarded others. The banks claimed that their violations were technical and harmed no one. Nonetheless, the activities of the banks constituted massive fraud, perjury, and conspiracy. Bank officials have testified in court that they filed as many as 10,000 false affidavits a month. These are effectively undeniable admissions of law-breaking on a massive scale.

It’s a federal crime, punishable by up of five years of imprisonment, to knowingly file a false affidavit with the court. From the perspective of the law, you are guilty of the same perjury when you falsely testify in court or when you submit a false affidavit. In most states, filing false affidavits with the court similarly constitutes a felony offense of perjury.



  • Cheryl says:

    Check out U.N. Agenda 21 – Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Koire. This is deliberate and planned.

  • speakout says:

    Instead of asking for the note, ask for the receipt of the funds that were supplied for the so-called “loan” to the borrower in the first place.

    Where is the proof of funds that they lent anything in the first place. If no substance was lent, then how can substance be required for payment. If nothing was really “lent”, but the bank just imputted a figure on a computer screen (which is what they do), then how can there be a “collectible ” debt? If a thief stole the note, there still has to be consideration or value given in the transfer. Where is the receipt? Who would “own” a note, transfer it to someone else and not want to get something for that transfer? It is a shell game. But they don’t want to put up the receipt. It is up to the Plaintiff to bear the burden of proof.

    The courts have been twisted by the sick bastard banksters, that have turned our laws upside down to their favor. The system is broken because we allowed a handful of private banksters to control our money supply. The Federal Reserve owners – Goldman Sachs; Warburgs of Germany; JP Morgan Chase; Moses Seif of Italy; Rothschild; Rockefeller; Lehman Bros.; Kuhn Loeb; can’t recall the other 2. But the bankers control the 147 of the top 1300 corporations in the world. But they used OUR money to do it! So, let’s take back our money. Let’s foreclose on the National Debt which is the money the Federal Reserve owes the peoople. And let’s demand they pay us in the gold they stole. see for the story of the stolen gold of the world.

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