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The Bank United Collapse- Who Really Owns the Notes?

Foreclosure-Audit-ReportThe collapse of South Florida based Bank United was one of the most explosive banking events in this region.   The fallout is still being felt across the state as lawyers are suing on the mortgages formerly held by the failed institution.   Now the question remains….who owns the assets of Bank United? Who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the litigation?   Read the spectacular Office of Inspector General Report below then the FDIC Purchase Agreement.   As we continue to slog through this mess, we’re all still paying the price–a very real price as detailed in the FDIC purchase agreement- while the banksters continue with little or no consequences…..

bank united hughes hubbard letter 050110546269

bankunited – FDIC Purchase Agreement 5-21-09_P_and_A

bankunited – Office of Inspector General audit report (BankUnited MLR)

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