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The Amerikan Terrorist State….A Protester/Objector Arrested For Very Serious Charges….

6 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument and grand larceny possession of stolen property

When   I read the story about an artist who was just arrested on VERY, VERY serious felony charges for merely posting a few farcical signs, I was not shocked or incredulous. I did not think to myself, “they surely did not arrest and really go nuts on this kid for posting signs ….did they?”
Instead I knew that in fact the horrific nature of the fascism in the story was in fact true.   And my impulse, rather than share the story, was to not share it or talk about it…..because I knew that by sharing or talking about this I am making myself more of a target.   Self preservation colliding with that fading sense of patriotism….
Read the story….and be TERRIFIED……this is what your nation has become….
A terrifying, paranoid, fascist empire….
And no you’re not safe just because it’s not you in jail….THIS TIME….

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