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schneiderman-fraudWe’ve all been sold out….again….
It’s been a little less than three months since President Barack Obama announced the creation of a new task force to investigate the mortgage and banking industries that wrecked the economy, but some liberal activists are already declaring the effort a “sham.”
“The promises of the President have led to little or no concrete action,” wrote Mike Gecan and Arnie Graf of the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation in an opinion piece for the New York Daily News earlier this week. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman should “distance himself from this cynical arrangement,” they said.


  • Enraged says:

    “New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman should ” distance himself from this cynical arrangement,” they said.”
    A little late for that. Schneiderman was supposed to be part of the solution. By signing, he became part of the problem. He made a choice. He’d better know why he made that one. Choices have a way of coming back to haunt us…

    • except that no one cares……

      • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

        Cheer up, Matt. We are making progress. We don’t have all the solutions in place yet, but people are thinking about what this fraudulent banking system means for this nation and the world. This fraud has been carefully constructed, but it takes people to make it work. Look again at the deposition of Michele Sjolander. She gave the Power of Attorney to a corporation and then worried about destroying her robo-stamps when they were worn out in the hands of unidentified persons for which there is no record of when, where and why the notes were being stamped? Corporations cannot be attorneys in fact. The courts would have to change the law entirely to make that holding. Not that some judges might not try to reach that result, but I really don’t think it can be done.
        See the definition of Attorney:
        See definition of Power of Attorney:
        See definition of Attorney in Fact:
        The robo-stamping banks are up against it now. A corporation may be considered to have 14th amendment due process and equal protection “personhood” and even the right to act as a channel for expressive speech for living human beings under Citizens United, but it does not have hands and cannot sign anything on behalf of the principal.
        The robo-stamping is void if the Power of Attorney was given to a corporation and not a human being. Enough of this fictitious personhood already. Would the IRS allow Bank of America to handle an audit as attorney in fact? Of course not. Would a court appoint a corporation as a guardian for a human being? Of course not. Can a corporation appear in court and argue as an attorney for a party? Of course not.
        Talk about being hoisted on their own petard! LOL!

  • phil says:

    Kindly keep in mind that Eric Holder US Attorney General is A REPUBLICAN….In the 80’s he was appointed to a judgeship by Ronald Reagan and he worked in the Bush II Justice Dept. Now…what would you expect given his background???????????

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