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The American Taxpayer, Sold Out By Foreclosure Settlements, Bank Bailouts And Wall Street/Washington Corruption.

flawed-foreclosure-reviewOur children and our grandchildren will be paying for the crimes and the collusion of Wall Street, Washington and state capitols for generations to come.   A country, allegedly based on some system of laws and a fair and just system of governance is nothing but a corrupt criminal enterprise which exists to protect and defend the lawlessness of the oligarchy.   Coddling the criminals only empowers them, and they have become monstrously empowered.

And while I understand the provence of Washington corruption, I still fail to comprehend how our local, elected judges do not stand up as protectors of our communities.   Judges that were willing to follow the existing substantive laws, rules of procedure and evidence could be a moderating force against all this institutionalized corruption and unfairness.   Here are the headlines from ProPublica:

The Independent Foreclosure Review was supposed to be a full and fair investigation of the big banks’ foreclosure abuses, and it was trumpeted as the government’s largest effort to compensate victimized homeowners. Federal regulators, who designed the review, forced banks to spend billions to carry it out. Millions of homeowners were eligible and hundreds of thousands submitted claims. But Monday morning, the very regulators who launched the program 18 months ago announced that it had all been a massive mistake and shut it down.




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