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The American Bankers Association ‘splains Why No One is Responsible For FraudclosureGate

Gotta hand it to the Fat Cats, they’ve twisted this thing up so tight, everyone can point fingers in eight directions at once and disavow any responsibility for the chaos that is Fraudclosuregate.


As a basic principle, the Committee acknowledges the need for more clarity in transaction documents generally going forward. However, the Committee’s position is that any issues that were neither contemplated by nor addressed in the documents governing current ABS transactions must be resolved in accordance with the legal contracts governing those transactions and generally accepted rules of contractual interpretation. Reliance on clear hindsight, even with the goal of protecting particular constituencies or investors generally, to impose duties retroactively on trustees that are clearly outside the range of duties undertaken in their contracts effectively abrogates those contracts and violates basic tenets of U.S. contract law.

Read the full white paper below.


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