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THE AG SETTLEMENT SETTLES…..NOTHING (in fact, it should only make you more angry)

chase-bank-winsIf you’re not angry enough to start running into the street and screaming…..if you’re not angry enough to get in your car and drive to Tallahassee on February 16, it’s because you have not figured out yet just how much you’ve been robbed.

If you woke up one day and realized your home was robbed and that a few thousand dollars was missing…would you do anything?   What if you woke up in pool of blood, bloody and bruised, the victim of a beating?   Would you do anything?

Well, you have been robbed….and yet you’re just sitting there doing nothing….oh well, you might wake up…at some point in time….

Here’s what Stoller has to say…..

Rather than settling anything, this agreement is simply a continuation of the policy framework of both the Bush and the Obama administrations. So what exactly is that framework? It is, as Damon Silvers of the Congressional Oversight Panel which monitored the bailouts, once put it, to preserve the capital structures of the largest banks. ” We can either have a rational resolution to the foreclosure crisis or we can preserve the capital structure of the banks,” said Silvers in October, 2010. ” We can’t do both.” Writing down debt that cannot be paid back “” the approach Franklin Roosevelt took “” is off the table, as it would jeopardize the equity keeping those banks afloat.


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