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The AG Settlement Is Collapsing, The Banks Are Nosediving = The Price of Lawlessness

foreclosure-fraud-banksThe banksters have engaged in rampant lawlessness for too long.   Too many courts all across this country have just looked the other way and in fact have become complicit in crimes and lawlessness of the banksters.

I am terribly troubled by one area in our country where courts have just stopped holding hearings on the motions of the citizens the courts (theoretically at least) have a Constitutional duty to uphold.   One judge recently exclaimed, “We’ve never granted those kind of motions here.”   It’s kinda like law enforcement just deciding, “We don’t bother with that whole Miranda warning thing.”   No it’s not kinda like that, it’s just like that.   What we’re talking about here is the total collapse of our fantasy of the Rule of Law.   Our courts have largely conceded victory to the banksters, deciding that it’s preferable to just ignore hundreds of years of law in favor of the banks, because, after all, we really should trust the banksters, shouldn’t we?

Well, there are a few bright spots now and then. A few times when that little flickering light of justice reveals itself. (The rest of the time, the light is blown out by the hurricane force winds of corruption and corporatism.)   That little ‘ole light shone a little brighter just last week, thanks to our friends over at Ice Legal…..have a little read of the story here.   Desperate, dangerous times. What were you doing when the smoke started billowing on the ship?

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  • John Anderson says:


    Thank you Senator Bill Nelson, for reaching out to me for my opinion and comment.

    It will take a revolution of the currant monetary system, and our system of governance to reclaim the promise of America. I ask that you,

    1 Put the people responsible for the misery of millions in America, and millions overseas, by committing felony fraud connected to the economic crisis in jail. This includes all the wall street players, the heads of the major banks, the pretender lenders, robo signers and the notaries of the documents, all the attorneys who proffered them in court knowing, or who should have known were fraudulent. The judges who have failed to follow the law, and the civil rules of procedure, by allowing contested foreclosures to proceed using documents known to the court to be fraudulent and/or suspect.
    And yes we are talking many thousands of people. But far fewer than the number of people charged and prosecuted, for drug offenses. Jail terms should be 1 to 3 years depending on level of participation, with the confiscation of the assets of the major players. This is necessary to prevent this from happening again.
    2 Set up a system for the citizenry to vote on the issues being voted on by elected officials in City, County, State and Federal Government sessions, via computer using their social security number, and a pass code selected by the voter through the supervisor of elections website in their county of residence. If a set number of voters ” 55 to 60%” oppose a ordinance or regulation or law, the measure does not , and can not pass, but can be brought up again in 60 days giving the proponents of the matter time to inform the citizenry of the benefits of the measure. But if it fails to pass a second time, the matter will be barred from vote for 5 years. This would stop 90% of all corrupt legislation. And its a idea worth fighting for.
    3 End the Fed. Owned by the perpetrators and profiters of war, and criminals all.
    4 End the IRS. Civilian employees of the FED with police powers.
    5 Issue coin currency in denominations up to $500 ” Titanium Alloy ” Congress can have these coins issued out of thin air, just like the FED does.
    6 Set & Collect all taxes as allowed by the US Constitution pre 16th amendment .
    7 Investigate the events of 9/11/2001 and events prior to the event connected to it by a special prosecutor, with full subpoena powers to investigate and prosecute any perjury, or crimes, or malfeasance committed by government officials, or citizens who testified in the 911 Commission, whose investigation was a whitewash/coverup that has been exposed as a national disgrace, akin of the 50 state attorneys investigation into robo signing A/K/A “The Bank Fraud Concealment and Forgiveness Commission. We need a special prosecutor to investigate the economic crimes perpetrated on the American people, and their retirement funds. You will never find what you refuse to look for or at, and this is what these commissions and investigations represent.

    This is of course just the start of what needs to be done to correct the corrupted system we live in. But if we can’t do these needed things, are we not slaves?
    Looking forward to your words and deeds on these most pressing subjects.

    John Anderson


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