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The 49 State Attorney General Sellout- Hiding Enforcement Fraud By Abigail Field

enforecement-fraudOn Thursday, April 5th  U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary M. Collyer announced she had decided to sign off on  the  “$25 billion” Mortgage Settlement.  By ” announced”, I mean she signed the consent orders all our major law enforcers and the biggest bankers had agreed to, and entered them into the record. Judge Collyer didn’t actually say  anything about the deal. She didn’t let anyone else say anything, either: she didn’t hold a public hearing on the deal.
In acting silently, Judge Collyer not only okayed the deal’s lousy terms, which institutionalize  servicer theft and foreclosure fraud, she reinforced the incredibly poor public process that’s kept the enforcement fraud at the heart of the deal hidden. Deliberately hidden.
Magical Misdirection
To understand just how deceptive ” our” government and ” our” law enforcers have been with us, imagine them as a Shakespearean magician, confessing his thoughts to us as he tries to trick an audience seated just off stage. Hear the magician, as he secretly pleads for his misdirection to work:
“˜Please, keep focused on this hand, the one with the wand waiving above the shiny new servicing ” standards.” Pay no attention to what I’m doing with my other hand.  Please don’t notice me transforming the ” standards” into empty promises through the “˜magic’ of metrics.
I must succeed at controlling and guiding your attention, so you fall for my trick! Otherwise, my trick is obvious-my “˜magic’ is all there in black and white, in Exhibits E and E-1. So don’t look there”¦stay with me, stay focused on the new servicing ” standards” and that big sounding ” $25 billion””¦
Think I’m overstating the deliberate deception in selling the Mortgage Settlement as something other than the enforcement fraud it is? Let’s review the history.
Abigail Field


  • Raptor says:

    So Collyer is just like the rest of the “judges.” I put that word in quotes, because she didn’t “judge” anything, i.e, weigh the relative merits of arguments–she just went along with what she was told to go along with. How typical. Why even present the settlement to a judge if the judge isn’t going to, well, judge it?
    How much longer until the banks are able to just make the laws and decide cases without having to pretend that a judge approves it? I mean, we’re already at that point, really–it’s just that the banks still use the cover of the judicial branch so that their tyranny at least has a robe on and is not the stark naked tyranny that is just around the corner…

  • speakout says:

    Violations of the State Constitution to protect the peoples rights. Where is the law that states they have the right to do this?
    Fact is – they don’t! So, who is going to bring a lawsuit for violation of the peoples rights? Who is going to bring a lawsuit declaring treason by our government officials that are violating the constitutions – state and federal? Where is the peoples army to defend us? We are paying over $1 trillion per YEAR for a military to defend the constitution. So, the military is deralict in their duty also. So we need to start sending bills to these corporate entities that purport to be our “government” and charge them for the cost to defend ourselves!
    Defense attorneys unite and bring a suit in each state and group it for the federal. If we do not stand up for our rights, we have none. The lawyers know how to file a claim. The average person does not. Offer to each person that supports the case to help pay for the cost to litigate. Millions paying in even $25 each would supply more than enough to pay the legal fees to file. Millions have already been foreclosed. I am sure they would gladly pay this to help get justice. Class action on the behalf of the American people against the government leaders for dereliction of duty. Remove them all from office legally! Forget elections, we don’t have time to wait!

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