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TERRIFYING! Foreclosure Defense Attorney ARRESTED!

Americans should be terrified about what is happening in what used to be “their” courtrooms. Florida’s foreclosure courtrooms were formally ceded to the banks when the banks handed over foreclosure settlement money to the banks and now, those courtrooms operate primarily to turn property back over to the banks that fund their courtrooms. (All of this found in Florida Senate Bill 1852).

And while most do not see first hand the impact of this, we all witness the bias every day.  The following is one extreme example of the expression of this breakdown in our justice system….

An explosive confrontation between a judge and foreclosure lawyer led to a scuffle with bailiffs as attorney Stuart Golant was removed from the courtroom and charged with two felonies.

He was arrested Nov. 14 in Palm Beach Circuit Senior Judge Howard Harrison’s courtroom and jailed overnight. The incident came to light June 10 when Golant & Golant alleged in another case that the judge systematically discriminates against the law firm and its clients.

“It’s kind of a crazy mess,” said Golant’s wife and law partner, Margery. “This was an elderly man in a business suit arguing a case in court. There was no reason for anybody to touch him … and no reason for Judge Harrison to tell them to remove him.”

Golant, 70, was arrested after the judge found him in contempt and imposed a $500 fine.

“Mr. Golant continued to yell at the judge,” according to the arrest affidavit alleging the attorney “reached for and grabbed” the arresting officer’s throat.

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