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Terribly Disturbing News Comining Out Of Miami….


The news coming out of Miami is not at all good.

We all have an interest in what’s occurring in our courts, in our government, in this country.

When we all stop caring, when we all start cowering and backing away because confronting a system gone awry is just too difficult, then we hasten the descent into the darkness.

What remains of our notions of a fair and just system of laws, evenly and fairly applied, and used to protect all of us from the ravages of the stronger and more powerful is clearly (and quite correctly) being swept away.

What does one do when confronted with such things?

And what is the obligation of the good attorneys who dare to stand up and fight for their clients, for the Rule of Law?

Should they impale themselves on the jagged blade?

Hearing JP Morgan Chase Heuer 11-15-2012.pdf-1
HearingJP Morgan v Dominica Heuer – DFs Urgent Motion to Continue Trial and Strike Trial Order (10-26-12)

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