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Tampa Tribune- Front Page Story on The Unfolding Foreclosure Fiasco

TBO-ForeclosuresThe foreclosure fiasco brewing up in the cauldrons of Florida’s courtrooms has many parties that can take the blame for catastrophic mess that will continue to unfold.   The lying, cheating, conning lenders and foreclosure mills are obviously the real wrongdoers here, but they could not pull this off on their own.   Our courts, court administrators and judges are next on the list for allowing this flawed and corrupted system to bubble and boil and spew out of control.   Rather than demand that the sloppy and sometimes outright fraudulent conduct stop, our courts have allowed it to perpetuate by failing to sanction the improper conduct that passes across the bench every day.   The legislature, rather than grasp the problem and give our courts the tools and resources to do the job just turned the heat up on this bubbling brew of badness and has demanded that this bad work be done faster.   Unfortunately, our courts have blindly and irresponsibly accepted that call.

The results of all this insanity are coming back to haunt us all much quicker than anyone could have expected…and it will only get worse.   Now that the press has taken hold of this issue, the snakes and demons just cannot be shoved back into Pandora’s Box.   This isn’t just blog talk…it’s national news and the front page of our excellent local and regional newspapers who really have caught the significance of all of this.

Read the Excellent Tampa Tribune Article Here

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