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Tampa Tribune and the Foreclosure Fraud Rocket Docket


The press continues to shine the light of common sense on the absurdity that is playing out in our foreclosure courtrooms.   How can our judges continue to grant foreclosure when the firms that make up a huge percentage of those cases are being investigated by the Florida Attorney General for serious violations?   This is not just a question being asked by advocates like me, there are now three members of the United States Congress that are asking this question.

The most interesting thing about this article from my perspective is the fact that the Sixth Judicial Circuit is in fact tracking the number of cases that it will not grant Summary Judgment for.   That’s an excellent start and confirms my belief that the Sixth Circuit is working to ensure that there is some fairness and equity in this process.   We cannot allow $9.6 million dollars in taxpayer money to be used exclusively as a means to speed up the foreclosure process for the mills.   This money can and should properly be used to dismiss cases where long standing rules of the court have not been followed.   The problem is the 227 cases mentioned in the article were undoubtedly not dismissed, but will linger around only to pop up again sometime in the future.

Our courts have lost their moral authority to rule until some modicum of balance and fairness is restored.   Courts across the state should be prepared to report just how many cases were actually dismissed as part of the absurd effort to clear the 62% backlog unless these courts are prepared to take the far more responsible route, respond to the calls of the United States Congress and declare a moratorium to foreclosures.

Tampa Tribune Article Here

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  • litgant says:

    Matt, you are to be commended on being a vocal attorney sounding the alarm. But since few are like you in Florida there is no unified Defending Attorneys Making Important Testimony (DAMIT).

    If only we had DAMIT lawyers in a coalition ( I am dreaming). And there are some really good counselors in Florida who with all that brain power could effect the corrupt system.

    Matt, we in Florida need men and women on the Supreme Court who have fought for Defendant fairness. I do pray some of you will sit on these high chairs in later years to rule on cases where a petitioner is seeking to overturn the fraud and want their homes back. We may lose now but we can win later.

    Matt you are a leading Florida attorney and I hope others are appreciative of your candor and expertise.

    Lit Gant

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