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Tampa Mayor Wants Predator Drones For Occupy Tampa- And The Politics of the unPolitical Occupy Movement

tampa-surveillance-camerasTerrified yet?   Well if you’re not, then you have not been paying close enough attention to the ParaMilitary Police who are violently arresting dissenters.   ParaMilitary Police…yes.   Take a look at the police forces that are aligned all across the country….not your local constables or sheriffs these guys.   They are an occupying police force.

And now we’ve got news that Tampa’s mayor want’s Predator-like drones to “watch” protesters…along with an entire new multi-million dollar surveillance regime. George Orwell wasn’t an author he was a freaking seer!   Why don’t we just cut to the chase and start firing live bullets on all these protesters now and just be done with it, huh? St. Pete Times Story Here

But now please read a very thoughtful article on this all from a very informed guy, Matt Stoller:

What do the people at #OccupyWallStreet actually want? What are their demands? For many people, this is THE question.

So let me answer it. What they want”¦ is to do exactly what they are doing. They want to occupy Wall Street. They have built a campsite full of life, where power is exercised according to their voices. It’s a small space, it’s a relatively modest group of people at any one time, and the resources they command are few. But they are practicing the politics of place, the politics of building a truly public space. They are explicitly rejecting the politics of narrow media, the politics of the shopping mall. To understand #OccupyWallStreet, you have to get that it is not a media object or a march. It is first and foremost, a church of dissent, a space made sacred by a community. But like Medieval churches, it is also now the physical center of that community. It has become many things. Public square. Carnival. Place to get news. Daycare center. Health care center. Concert venue. Library. Performance space. School.

Few people, though an increasing number daily, have actually taken the time to go through a general assembly, to listen to what the people at #OccupyWallStreet actually want. General assemblies are the consensus-oriented group conversations at the heart of the occupations, where endlessly repeating the speaking of others is the painstaking and frustrating way that the group comes to make decisions. I spoke with a very experienced older DC hand who told me that he hasn’t been because he doesn’t have the patience of the young. This is as different a way of doing politics as distributed computing was to the old world of mainframes. So it isn’t surprising that the traditionalists are reacting as perplexed and dismissive of this new style of politics as the big iron types were with the rise of PCs.

I have been through a few general assemblies now, and they are remarkable because the point of the assembly is to truly put listening at the heart of decision-making. There’s no electronic amplification allowed in Zuccotti Square. So the organizers have figured out an organic microphone system. A speaker says a half a sentence, everyone in earshot repeats, until the whole park can hear that half a sentence. Then the speaker says another half a sentence. People use hand signals to indicate approval, disapproval, get a move on, or various forms of objections and clarifications. During these speeches, speakers often explicitly ask for more gender and racial diversity, which is known as ” progressive stacking”. Naked Capitalism


  • Tom says:

    These protests are a waste of time and will probably just result in more loss of liberty and a tighter police state. My solution is for all protesters to stay home close your bank accounts, empty your 401K’s run up your credit cards and DEFULT in mass on all bank debt, game over REAL quick! You will never bring down wall street or the bankster using your debit card at the gas pump and swiping it for 5 dollar lattes at Starbucks. Think about it and hit them were it really hurts. All they care about is your wealth and the ways in which they can steal it.

  • Bill says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the insanity of this, but, i must be missing something, cause the title of your article says its to be used for Occupy Tampa. The article in the St. Pete Times, unless I’m missing it, doesn’t say anything about Occupy Tampa. It is discussing (ridiculous) security for the RNC next year ???

    • The point is the govt is amassing huge resources to “deal” with protesters….if the whole occupy thing continues to grow they will do something (anything) to shut it down and the whole predator thing is just really, really creepy.

  • Roger Breit says:

    Would you please stop calling them “predator drones”. It might sound more exciting to call them this but it is also highly inaccurate and reflects negatively on the “Occupy Movement”. These are small battery operated surveillance aerial vehicles designed to be able to be flown low and over areas where it may not be possible or prudent to insert LEOs. They more closely resemble a toy remote controlled helicopter. I agree with John that they are overkill, but equating them to actual predator drones only makes Occupy Tampa look crazy which only furthers the justification for having them in the minds of the police.

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