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Tampa Man’s Home Sold in Foreclosure- He Had No Notice


  • frustrated says:

    Matt – this is outrageous. Wrong address for his mail – then wrong mail to his address – by the COURT – and we are supposed to have confidence in and believe in “justice” meted out by the Court? What is this called – a “technicality” by any chance? If the Court can not manage simple matters such as correlating an address to a name, how can it possibly manage to hear a case – oh, forget that – Courts do not have the time. What else is happening that has yet to be revealed? Too scary to contemplate. Good Luck helping this gentleman.

  • lizinsarasota says:

    Ha, this almost happened to me. It would have, but the WAMU employee who I’d tangled with several months before called me (this was on election day, 2008) and gloated that “You’re going to be homeless by the weekend!” I said: “Oh, no I’m not! I’m in forbearance through February!” And she said, “Oh, yes you are! We’re selling your house on the court house steps on Friday, and you can’t do anything about it. You’ll be on the street by the weekend!”
    So I filed an EMERGENCY MOTION and asked the judge for a hearing so I could show I was in forbearance, I told her I’d gotten no notice (it was Shapiro & Fishman, are you surprised?), and that I’d have to go bankrupt with no other debt unless she halted the sale so I could be heard.
    You know what the judge did? She picked up the phone and called Shapiro & Fishman, after hours, and, in a series of seven emails, told them exactly what to do, how to do it, and she & the S&F attorney decided the sale would go on. She didn’t know I’d gone bankrupt late that afternoon when I didn’t hear back from her.
    That’s called judicial misconduct, my friends. She comes up for re-election next year, and I’ve got copies of the emails…
    Thank God for bitchy girls who just can’t resist taunting homeowners and getting in the last word.

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