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Foreclosure Defense Florida

SUPREME COURT SPEAKS- No Foreclosure HSBC- Your Evidence is Inherently Untrustworthy


  • incognito123 says:

    I don’t like that copy reference, but at least overall they made the right decision, and like you said, now we need to see that in Florida!!

  • ein says:

    Greetings and thanks so much for this site.
    At any age losing one’s home is so stressful, and I post on just one of the important concerns. This concerns older homeowners, and the tension between “aging in place” principles – and evictions, often wrongful and with moving unaffordable and nowhere to go. Will appreciate discussion, via
    With best wishes to all here.

  • eif says:

    (sorry for typo in post above – name is eif not ein).

  • I, Kathleen Jamison have been fighting with HSBC to re-do our loan. It’s been 4 long years & I’ve hired a Firm to help us not loose our home. We’ve had lost jobs and now on Disability for over 4 yrs!

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