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The Sunshine Lawsuit That Demands Government Be Accountable

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You might have read recently that I have filed suit against the Governor of Florida alleging very serious violations of the public trust.

Florida has long been recognized for having an open and accessible government, but all that has changed. And changed very much for the worst.

We all need to wake up and understand the profound, and dangerous implications of this change.

I am not alone in fighting this issue….

Critically, virtually every major news media organization has joined the suit.


The state of Florida is recognized worldwide as The Sunshine State, and that recognition applies not just to the sun that warms our heartland and beaches, it has also come to describe a state government that is open and accessible to all citizens, most clearly expressed in our state’s Sunshine and Open Government laws.


But a profound and dangerous darkness has overtaken every corner of state government, especially in Tallahassee. Gov. Rick Scott recently boldly acknowledged this creeping darkness when he asserted that “longstanding convention and tradition” were the explanation for blatant violations of the law. But neither convention nor tradition can be any excuse for violations of the law for those entrusted with government power any more than such excuses can be cited by gangs or organized criminals when they break the laws of the land.


It must be recognized that Florida’s Constitution provides every one of us the fundamental right to have a government which is honest, which is responsive and with all affairs conducted with openness, integrity and full disclosure. But it is clear from the scandals that are seeping out of every corner that this is not the case. The current conflicts and scandals represent a real crisis in state government. Citizens from every corner of this state, from Pensacola to The Keys are becoming acutely aware that their government is broken.



And importantly, here is the actual lawsuit itself: