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SugarCane Syrup, Hand Cracked Biscuts And A Dose of Old Cracker Living

I’m writing this while eating one of nature’s most amazing and perfect treats…liquid brown gold, syrup made from pure sugar cane. You city folk just cannot imagine how amazing this tastes, how unique and earthy and absolutely heavenly.   Just to give you some idea of how precious this little bottle is, it takes one ton of sugar cane (that’s about how much you can fill in the back of a full size pick up) to squeeze out 80 gallons of sugarcane juice and after four hours of painstaking effort it boils down to about 8 gallons of this bit of heaven.

This weekend’s journey took me again deep into the country, the amazing country with the most wonderful people in the world.   If you’re ready for something really special, click here to hear a truly amazing woman singing out her love.   It’s just one clear example of the beauty, the real beauty that exists in a world far removed from all that’s wrong out there….

And speaking of beauty, please read a homage to another beautiful thing that was written and shared with me by a wonderful guy who represents the very best things in this world.   I am introduced to an extraordinary world that exists just outside our doorstep, just beyond and outside the cities.   He shared with us a sack of flour that he cracked and ground in the grist mill that he operates on his farm…the same way things have been done for thousands of years.   I gotta tell you people the taste of these homemade biscuts, made from hand cracked wheat from a cookbook that’s a hundred years old really was nothing short of amazing.


As the bowl approaches, one is taken by the array of colors of the porridge.

The eye catches a mixture of white rice and brown cracked rye with the yellow of corn and sprinkled with sesame and flax topped with an undulating swirl of butter and brown sugar.

Ribbons of steam bring an aroma of the cracked rye and grains that causes a wonderment of unique flavor to come.

As the first spoonful of porridge is tasted, a delicate explosion of earthy flavors and textures crosses the pallet.

The chewiness of the jasmine rice is followed by a gentle crunch of the stone ground cracked rye and yellow corn grits.

Cascading through this is a light mixture of butter with a hint of sweetness from the brown sugar.

As the crescendo of flavors and textures begins to fade, one is caught by surprise of the sudden burst and lingering taste of toasted sesame and flax seed.

The bouquet of the senses finishes with an aftertaste that longs with anticipation for the next coming bite.

Steve Melton

You really should have a click over and see this website to see great old things still working:


And just listen to this amazing sound.


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