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Stunning Admission of Signature Forgery In a Bank Foreclosure Case…Read the Testimony!

By September 13, 20172 Comments

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We all know that there have been widespread and well documented examples of document fraud and forgery in foreclosure cases.  What I find most infuriating…is that…even after all these years, we see very little consequence for the banks and their lawyers that have engaged in these practices.

I’ve got a case currently pending where a year ago, I took depositions where the witness was pretty darn clear:

“That’s not my signature there….someone else signed that.”

The bank lawyer took their own deposition and she said (again):

“That’s not my signature there….someone else signed that.”

Now, you would think the bank attorneys would take that opportunity to do the right thing….and dismiss the case…rather than continue to proceed along, knowing full well they’ve got very damming testimony in front of them.  But sadly this is not the case…the banks and their attorneys are so emboldened…that they persist with these cases….even in the face of such damming evidence against them.

So we’ll just play this case out….and wait for the judge to do the right thing…

Just read this deposition:



  • hendra wargo says:

    I lost my home with AIG finance the same way. I had a statements from their scam arts, title agency, lawyers, hand writing ex., nortory, appar., state investigater, linance , and lost in court 10 years later. I’m homeless at 74 years. All because I went for a revers mortgage.

  • Beth Jacobson says:

    What was the document? An assignment?

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