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Student Loan Debt- The Next Trillion Dollar Debt Bomb About To Go Off

student-loan-debitWe are all like characters in a dark and foreboding futuristic novel that depicts a dark and scary place…humans shackled and imprisoned while the overlords use mind control and whip the population either into a frenzy or into submission depending on what serves them at any given moment.

But this is all very real. And we are slaves. Slaves to debt that can never be repaid, shackled to jobs with ever declining wages and a style of life that will change dramatically in the future. This can only get worse.   Much, much worse.

The adult generation is buried under subprime housing and other consumer debt. The next generation is now chopped off at the knees with student loan debt.   We are all buried under the crushing weight of government and municipal debt.   It all leads to only two choices.   Either dramatic and chaotic debt repudiation on a grand scale or perpetual slavery and poverty.

We will all make that choice in the immediate future.




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