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Staggering Allegations of Elder Financial Abuse in a Care Facility!


Here is the case outline from the reported docket:

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While living at ACTS, Zimmer made friends with multiple employees, in particular a culinary and nutrition services manager named Maria. Zimmer gave a variety of “gifts” to these employees, including at least $30,000 in cash and a $42,000 Mercedes to Maria.1 The nature of these gifts was one of the central issues at trial—whether they truly were unsolicited “tips” or “gratuities,” or whether they were the result of exploitive and manipulative actions by employees taking advantage of Zimmer.

Zimmer’s son became concerned with his father’s finances and, after discovering more information about the gifts, alerted ACTS. After an appropriate and timely investigation, ACTS terminated every employee who had accepted a gift from Zimmer, including Maria, because doing so violated ACTS’s internal policy against employees accepting gratuities.

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