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The entirety of the United States Government has articulated a crystal clear policy that they will not hold the banking elite even remotely responsible for the crimes that they have committed against the people of the United States of America.

Make no mistake, the fraud, the crimes, the abuses and the lies that the banking elite, committed with the direct aid and assistance of the United States government, both federal and state, are crimes against every American, not just those who are directly in foreclosure.

First and foremost, our nation’s legal system has been irretrievably broken.   Why in the world would anyone respect our nation’s court system any longer?   After all, what we’ve seen quite clearly in the context of fraudclosure is that our nation’s courts will not apply their own existing rules when doing so results in negative consequences for the banking elite.   We see this most dramatically and publicly on display in the Florida Supreme Court’s 2013 Pino v. Bank of New York decision, the decision which clearly articulated the means by which one could submit fradulent evidence in a court case, then evade all punishment or consequence for doing so.

And what happens when an entire industry is given not just a green light, but a very clear and direct pathway to commit fraud in our courts and against the citizens of this nation?   Well, they use that green light, they will continue boldy marching down that pathway.   In 2013, it’s more like a fraudulent foreclosure freeway.   A freeway or a runway, foamed if you will, with direct and explicit approval to continue their fraudulent and free wheeling ways.

Now, there are two brand new ways in which these outcomes are manifesting themselves in Florida courts today.   The first has been going on, has been going undetected for quite some time.   It is, as most of these things are, a systematic and wide-ranging scheme that has been going on right in front of our faces for many, many years, impacting hundreds of thousands of cases.   That’s certainly something to consider as Florida’s courts engage in their current campaign to:


Might the courts slow down just a wee bit if they were made aware of   a scheme that is costing all of us, every Floridian millions of dollars?   You see, the victims in this scheme are not just those in foreclosure, not just our judges who are being lied to…this first scheme is one that robs us all.   I frankly find it too taxing to continue railing on about these abuses, so I’ll stop with that one…the first one.   So I can move on to Foreclosure Fraud, 2013 scheme number two.

In Alice in Wonderland, things were not at all what they appear to be, and that too is the case here, your honor.   It’s very much like the looking glass into which you stare is entirely a fabrication.   There, can you see it?   It’s staring you right in the face. It’s so blatant in fact, that’s it’s laughing right at you, just like Alice’s Chesire Cat.   Have you ever wondered what The Codes meant?   Have you ever stared intently into one of those hidden picture paintings, wondering whether everyone else got the picture before you did and wondering how they did it?   I often did. I often do.   I stared and I stared, deeply into the abyss, twisting and turning down the rabbit hole I went, and then when I popped up the other side, I found myself alone in a fabricated and regenerated, mere representation of what they said, or in fact what they swore under oath, was really the reality.

The symbol of our nation’s courts is a purty little lady called Themis. You know the dear lady, standing there with a sword in one hand, scales in the other with a blindfold over her eyes.   In 2013, she cannot drop the scales and while her eyes are blindfolded, however is she to lift up her sword and smite down on anyone?   And so yes, the practical impact, circa 2013 foreclosure court,   is that she stands there, out front every courthouse blind to the fraud and the scam that wafts in right under her nose.

Now what if one of these things existed in a foreclosure case?   What if both of them did? What if one of them existed in a significant portion of those cases currently pending in Florida’s Foreclosure courtrooms today?

What if?


  • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    It has been 11 years, and several AGs, but the “Spirit of Justice” is still missing.

  • Ban KKiller says:

    I appreciate your work. We, like many others,are fighting the corrupt system. From police who don’t understand how to take a criminal complaint for forgery and fraud (they say it is “above their pay grade”), to foreclosure mill attorneys who don’t follow the Rules of Civil Procedure and to judges who state in open court that “we can’t allow anything that might hamper lending in the state”. But fight we must. Our current strategy is to answer a foreclosure complaint with a motion for dismissal based on the forged note and fraudulent assignment of the mortgage. Then we do pleadings if the foreclosure mill attorneys are smart enough to do so. Then we request a hearing. In my personal case this has resulted in the Plaintiff doing….nothing for 7 months. Next, in mine, is preparing a quiet title offense against the Plaintiff, First Horizon Home Loans. In our other cases we are still waiting for the hearings to be scheduled! So, we are fighters. We are educators screaming (no, not really but it feels like it sometimes) at our legislators that fraud and forgery is on our courts!
    Thank you for your work and your attempt to educate all of us. Some of us are listening!

    I am now using the recent Attorney General settlement with Lender Processing Services to show/educate the people, police and District Attorney’s office. “See, OUR AG says fraud and forgery is right here in River City”! We all know MY findings mean nothing but the AG?

    Again THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK. It is great stuff.

  • denise says:


    Would you be willing to shed some light on what formerly prosecuted execs from WAMU are doing?
    Excellent article in The Seattle Times,
    ‘Top WAMU execs in mortgage business again.’
    They have moved to Vericrest Financial who announced new CEO this week…former exec from Countrywide!
    Literally recreating another WAMU.

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