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SP Times: Foreclosure Filings Jump (but are the numbers accurate?)

Sigh. I tire of all the bad information, propaganda broadcast by the corporate shills.   The headlines remain the same, circular numbers and zero analysis from the people in charge….(who is in charge?) The inmates are running the asylum…..
Cue the headline generation, let the chatter chatter on….
Tampa Bay is still pumping out new foreclosures at a rapid pace, another sign that the housing recovery remains a work in progress.
Hillsborough and Pasco counties last month saw nearly twice as many foreclosure filings as July 2011, according to a RealtyTrac report released today.
Pinellas foreclosure filings last month also climbed, nearly 80 percent year-over-year.

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  • sara smite says:

    the judges are not educated to the frauds of securitization. is there any legal way to get these judges educated. my motion to dismiss included the fact there was no assigments to wells fargo from fnm but because wells fargo states they own the note my case was not dismissed. if the judge was educated he would have said no assigments present dismissed without prej. but no i have to go to full discovery and afirmative defenses and again up against the same judge that did not dismiss my case. he is not going to rule fore me if no one makes him aware. so this foreclosure scam isnt about banks winning its abot he undeucated judges who took 2 classes in college re-property law. the property law of today is no the property law of 25-30 years when these judges were in school. there are 7 counties in the tampa bay area with a few in the northern area that the judges are npt judicating to the law they are judicating to the whim of the banks. please help us up here in the norther section of tampa bay get your info to these judges. seems like pasco , pinellas, and hillsbourough judges know alot more and helping homeowners. please help ans save our homes and our families . we did not cause this.

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