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Good for this Sheriff who is standing up for the people in his community and recognizing that the banks are engaged in a widespread crime spree.
Listen to his very compelling press conference.


  • Anthony Amatrudi says:

    This is a great service to the people.Fighting on lower levels and going after the law firms that manufactor bank docs and false assignments and verify the court docs to steal your home this is great. Police need to see who is funding the legal firm for the forclosure and how much or is it a contract rate this will puts the breaks on the Judgement side of the home owner if the bank pays a an attorney $1300 to fully foreclose and the homeowner has a judgement of $16000 just for legal fees thats fraud.So we can start with the has beens homeowners as well as the current victims.The law firm have e/o insurance and if the notary works for the firm a bond on the notary as well as the firms insurance.Remember people if your getting forclosed on keep every bit of mail and staple it to the envolpe to each letter the attorney or the bank sends you because after all the lies they will slip up and they are commiting wire and mail fraud if you and your wive get mail of the same just open one letter the staple it together and leave the closed for your mail fraud suite.Im a bull and going after the low lyling fruit the law firms and notary if you go after the bank and win all you can get is $2000 us dollars while supplies last.Because the bank already admited guilt and the state of florida already agreed with it. Remember the Govener Scott made 1 billion dollars from shorting housing 10 million turned into 1 billion he will let the bank do what ever they want to.Attorney genral Pam Bondi out raged with a fire fighter dealing with pill mills but she could care less all the people getting there house stolen from them with no workout or loan mod and she fired those girls in her office that where making a differce for the working people. Just Google pam Bondi fires girls in the office uncovering the fraud. Important always check of court site with what was filed just because you think the attoney has filed it you will get a notice hahado your homework.If you get the notice a cancelled for that day you better go anawy haha happen to me Shipero Fishman Broward county and I live in Vero Beach 125 miles away your dealing with very crupted people if I didnt show up that day I would have had a default bam your out but now its mail fraud on top of that and the county judge dont care if you do your homework you can beat the bank and make them loan mod but your fighting the judge.The judge will always protect the bank.Good luck for you and America we are in very dangerous times.
    No more constitution record mortgage deeds and pay doc stamps and tax you must pay every time you get a mortgage and the banks evade the tax transfer the mortgage if you or me did that RICO Acts for us and all that and abc owns your house and could take it and you have no rights and they never paid taxes or recourded in the clerks of in your county if this rights gone out the door we the people are all in trouble. Strip of your rights to own property God help us all. Anthony Amatrudi

  • phil says:

    No sheriff or States Attorney or the State Attorney General in Florida
    would get involved against Banks. The police are focused on assisting
    banks in foreclosures…throwing people out of their homes, getting the
    possessions out in the street so scrapers can pick through the belongs
    as what happened to my neighbor who lost his home due to illness.

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    This man is a national hero. He has law enforcement background and says that anyone trained in law enforcement would suspect fraud. He has law enforcement powers and is duty bound to investigate crimes being committed in his county. This man will be remembered as the one who came forward and did his constitutional duty. This is a breakthrough.
    Have a wonderful Independence Day!

  • Anne Hart says:

    It’s MERS Fraud, and it is fraud. He’s championing the public records and integrity of title. He is a hero.

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