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Sequestration Demands That The US Must Make Mandatory Defense Spending Cuts….Right???

By September 17, 20122 Comments

We all remember the drill, right?   US govt on the brink of collapse when we were unable to agree on across the board budget cuts.   And so Congress and The President signed legislation that mandated dramatic military spending cuts if no other compromise was reached.   Guess what folks…..none of the Party Leaders want to agree on any cuts….and so we’re all careening towards massive $500 billion cuts in military spending in just a few short months.
That’s right folks, if we can only manage to get ourselves into a real honest to goodness world war….or even a regional conflict dressed up like world war….the spending cuts are off the table and the defense contractors can all rest easy…
Oh, are you still one of those people that believe our Libyan ambassador was killed and riots erupted across two continents because of a silly film?   Really?
silly little sheep……


  • neidermeyer says:

    There will be no war in the M.E. , Obama installed Al-Quaeda in the form of the “Muslim Brotherhood” in these countries , he is PLEASED that we were attacked. We will pull out … Oil will continue up in price because of QE3 and Egypt threatening the canal … This will collapse the US economy…
    Why is Obama happy? EASY ,, he thinks a shock like that will have people relying on government , even if it’s internment centers , to survive… relying on gov’t means he stays in power … That’s how FDR did it.. his policies were death to America but he had the numbers to be re-elected.

  • learning2 says:

    lol. But so true. Another Black Swan. Nothing to see here, move along.
    There will never be a cut in military related spending. Its the system for the system, that’s why it was created. Interesting history we have in the U.S. Just go back to 1913, and I think during Christmas – a time when everyone was not available for voting, not legal I think – legislation was passed which created the Federal Reserve, a private corporation and bank, all this through the Treasury Act. They tried to do it before, twice in the late 1800s that I know about. So, this was a big effort and was planned…and worked on for many, many years to get this plan passed.
    I didn’t learn this in our public schools. I used to read newspapers and watch the news since high school. I used to watch a lot of CSpan too, then I watched international news on satellite and cable. THEN, I started watching Link TV and Free Speech TV, and of course, watching Amy Goodman on her show Democracy Now! I used to listen to public news and watch their shows too. Seems the later is getting better lately, but not as good as it used to be. All this reading is a lot of time but very interesting and informative.
    I am very concerned about Big Brother cutting off my access to these resources, as well as those that could become available as more people are able to create even more options, given they still have rights to do so.
    I also don’t want to disappear…
    Oh, and of course, I supplement my current interests and research with great sites like MattWeidnerLaw.Com/Blog !!!

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