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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Senators Olerich and Fasano, Margolis, Sobel, Heroes in The Fraudclosure Fight!

Tonight the Florida Senate voted to pass the absurd foreclosure bill.   The debate was actually significant because two Republicans actually took a stand for justice and the integrity of the legal process and voted against this mess.   Senators Fasano and Olerich   both provided sensible commentary, then recognizing what a mess this thing is, they voted against the bill, joining two democrats.

The debate was frankly disingenuous with just a whole lot of misinformation flying from the testimony.   Unfortunately too many members of the committee just failed to understand the most important aspect of the bill….IT’S FATALLY FLAWED AND WILL NOT ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS.

The hearing was full of gratuitous statements about “doing something” and “irresponsible homeowners” and “fixing the economy” with these same people obviously unable to make any connection with how this language will address any of that at all.   That kind of commentary was just embarrassing.

But focusing on the good work done, several senators were able to see through the nonsense and the real problems and actually cast good votes against this ridiculousness.

And   those good senators deserve our respect.

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