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Senator Calls For Investigation of Florida’s Hard Hit Mortgage Assistance Program

The State of Florida is running a budget surplus….but they still refuse to help Floridians….

Sen. Bill Nelson is calling for a federal investigation of Florida’s Hardest Hit Fund, a $1 billion mortgage assistance program that has denied aid to thousands of desperate homeowners while helping felons, tax scofflaws and people chronically in debt.

Nelson’s request was prompted by a Tampa Bay Times investigation that uncovered dozens of homeowners with questionable backgrounds getting aid.

It also comes as state officials are moving forward with a plan that could change how some of the money is used. Starting in the Tampa Bay area, they propose spending $50 million in Hardest Hit Fund money to reduce loan principals, a boon to homeowners who owe more than their property is worth

Tampa Times


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  • Deborah Orr says:

    What a shock! Only 18 percent of Floridians who applied for the program have received any help and now they want to take away more of the money and give it to the criminals with SB-1666 and HB-87. How can our lawmakers divert these funds to their banker buddies. Can’t we sue them for breach of duty or even embezzlement of the people’s money? It seems that we need to go on the offense against these legislators that are owned by the banks.

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