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florida foreclosure scam

The Florida Attorney General’s Office and Florida Bar are FINALLY going after one of the many, but most prolific scam organizations that have been targeting victims in foreclosure.

It’s so frustrating because this has been going on for so long and there are so many victims. People have lost their homes because of these foreclosure scams but the authorities take far too long to go after and prosecute the scammers and the frauds.

These con artists from Lehman Law; Galler Lehman; Liberty Law; Consumer Legal Resources of Florida; Consumer Legal Advocates; Heritage Law; and, most recently, The Asset Protection Law Firm have scammed hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure.

According to a complaint filed by the Florida Attorney General’s office, Joseph Hilton and Adam T. Forman are the owners of The Asset Protection Law Firm in Coral Springs, Florida.  The firm allegedly had more than 300 clients, all of whom are homeowners who were losing their homes to foreclosure.

The Attorney General’s office said Forman and Hilton “deceived homeowners into paying hefty upfront and monthly fees” for legal services that weren’t provided or approved by licensed attorneys. Forman allegedly told his clients to ignore bank notices and stop paying their mortgages because their firm would personally deal with the bank.

The Florida Attorney Generals office and frankly all of government should have stepped in long ago!  Finally, last week the Coral Springs SWAT team entered the business with a search warrant and closed down The Asset Protection Law Firm. Over the last 2 years the company was known by other names such as Consumer Legal Advocates II, LLC, Consumer Legal Advocates, INC, The Asset Protection Law Firm, P.A., The Asset Protection Law Group, P.A., Oracle Marketing Co. and Consumer Legal Resources of Florida, LLC.

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Here’s a copy of the complaint that was filed against these companies:


Press Release issued by Attorney General Pam Bondi

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