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For years, those of us who fought the foreclosure battles complained that allowing widespread forgery and fraud in courts was improper because it represented an assault on the very foundation of the integrity of the court system.

But those pleas fell on deaf ears…because after all, these were only foreclosure cases and what does fraud and forgery matter anyway?

Well, foreclosures occur in our courts and allowing fraud and forgery to continue to occur damages our court system.

The Bigger Picture is Robosigning And Forgery in Foreclosure Cases Reveals Larger Fraud

But no one cares about that either.  Perhaps they will care when it is finally fully revealed that fraudclosure was really manifestation of the Ponzi scheme and crimes that are the foundation of our nation’s financial system.  But for now, it’s just the maddening reality that fraudclosure is an assault on our court system.

Now look at another manifestation of fraud on our courts:

The mother of one of two killers who walked out of a Florida prison using bogus release papers made a tearful plea Saturday for her son to “please come home” and turn himself into law enforcement.

As the search for Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins, convicted murderers serving life sentences, continued, their families gathered with police at a news conference and called for the escapees’ surrender.


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