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Rick Scott's Old Firm Faces New Federal Inquiry For Unneccesary Heart Surgeries……

scott-healthcare-firmFlorida’s Overlord Rick Scott can spin it all he wants to, but the reality is he made his personal fortune, in part, by bilking the federal government from hundreds of millions of dollars.   In doing so, he ripped health care away from   old people and children.   Elderly people and children were deprived of health care, Rick Scott became an obscenely wealthy person, he purchased the governor’s mansion in Florida and now he’s using that office to project the corporate fascist agenda that is rising across this country.   Here’s the latest:
What’s the most despicable way you can imagine a hospital chain trying to make extra cash? Short of kidnapping people to harvest their organs, it might be performing loads of unnecessary heart surgeries, putting patients at serious risk of death. That’s exactly what HCA, the hospital chain founded by Gov. Rick Scott, has done repeatedly, the New York Times reports this morning.
Federal investigators asked for records from the company last month after an internal probe found widespread problems with bogus surgeries at HCA hospitals, including at least two facilities in Miami.

Scott has sold most of his shares in HCA — which he founded in 1989 — since becoming governor, but he was the CEO of the firm when it overbilled Medicare by more than a billion dollars, later incurring a $1.7 billion penalty from the feds for the fraud.

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