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Rick Scott- Investing in Oil and Gas Industries….

rick-scott-networthLots of chatter about gas companies moving into Florida…wonder where Florida’s beloved governor stands on this issue?

Another jump in income was from Drives LLC, a company that builds chains and augers used in oil production. The investment brought him $1.9  million in 2010, compared with $740,394 the previous year.

Drives replaces Solantic as Scott’s largest asset.

New assets in 2010 included investments in Energy Transfer Equity LP, a natural-gas pipeline company; Valassis Communications, a direct mail and marketing company; and EOG Resources Inc., which claims to be among the largest independent oil and gas companies in the United States.

St. Petersburg Times




  • Andrew says:

    Gotta love dividends taxed at 15%!

  • Concerned reader says:

    New assets in 2010 included investments in… Valassis Communications, a direct mail and marketing company…

    Guess Rick Scott hopes the US Postal Service survives. Otherwise sending junk mail by FedEx could get expensive, and reduce his return on investment.

    The biggest outrage is this: Scott spent a record-breaking $62.3 million of his own cash on the gubernatorial race. Ole Rick is gonna want a return on that investment too, and I’m bettin it comes out of the hide of Florida and its citizens.

  • K. M. Green says:

    Interesting. Which counties are the gas companies moving into? Any idea which gas companies?

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