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Reuters- RoboSigning All Over Again…and still no punishment

foreclosure-lawyer-suedGood lawyers and judges all over this county recognized the dangers if we just sat back and let the banks continue with the same sloppy and improper practices that got us in this mess in the first place.   The pushback was the first fight against Robo Signing.

Despite all the attention, keep in mind there have been no penalties, no punishments, no consequences…and so it should be no surprise that the banks are at it all over again.

But keep in mind that this is not just about sloppy supervision of low level employees.   The fundamental battle behind robo signing is the reality that it is merely a symptom of an economic system that is corrupt, lying and which will cause us all greater liability in the years to come.

Read the Reuter’s Story Here

and here


the state attorneys general have gone absolutely radio silent here and the banks have gone on the attack against attorneys and activists who are daring to stand up for the people and challenge the banks and corporations.

Banks Attack

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